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peachtree road lutheran church


We Invite You to Attend Services Regularly At Our Church - All Are Welcome
We are a Protestant congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). While God loves a faithful Lutheran, you do 'not' need to be a Lutheran to attend services here. Visitors are always welcome. If you like our church and worship service, we invite you to attend every Sunday. The following information includes useful details about our worship program.


Sunday Morning Service Begins at 11:00 a.m.
Any changes to this time will be posted on our Church Calendar page. We recommend that you come 10-15 minutes early to give you time to familiarize yourself with the printed program and associated service materials.


peachtree road lutheranPlenty of Parking Available
Ample parking is available in our parking lot which can be accessed via Narmore Drive -- behind the church. Street parking on Narmore Drive is permitted on the southwest side of the street only. Guests may be dropped off next to the Front and Narmore entrances before parking in the back lot.


There are Three Convenient Entrances to the Church:  Red Door - Narmore - Patio
You may enter the church through the front, side or patio entrances. Our church has two main floors: the Lower Fellowship Hall and the Upper Sanctuary. The main entrance to the church is through the Red Door at the front of the church - visible from Peachtree Road - and brings you into the Upper (Sanctuary) Level of the church. This will be the most convenient entrance for people walking or taking the bus to church via Peachtree Road.

If you are driving to church, you may stop and discharge guests near either the Red Door (Main) or Narmore (Side) entrance, before parking your car behind the church. If you park in the back lot, behind the church, the most convenient entrance will be via a paved walkway around the Education Building (Preschool) to the Patio entrance. Both the Narmore and Patio entrances will bring you into the Lower (Fellowship Hall) Level of the church. Signage inside the church will direct you to the Sanctuary by way of an elevator or main stairway.


The Patio EntranceThe Connector Building
Both the Narmore and Patio entrances (shown right) bring you into the Connector Building, which sits between and connects our Church and Preschool facilities.


The Elevator
An elevator located in the Connector Building, between the Narmore and Patio doorways, provides a convenient way for people with walkers and wheelchairs to move between the Upper and Lower Levels of the church. Please note that signage in the Elevator refers to the Upper (Sanctuary) Level as "1" and the Lower (Fellowship Hall) Level as "B".


The Main Stairways
Two main staircases connect the Upper and Lower Levels of the church. One is just inside and to the left of the Narmore Entrance. The other is just inside and to the right of the Red Door (Main) entrance, across the hallway from the Administrator's Office.


Handicapped Accessible
Our church is accessible to people using wheelchairs and walkers. Ramps are provided at the Main and Patio entrances. An elevator provides easy access to both the Lower and Upper Levels of the church. Selected pews are designed to accommodate people using wheelchairs and walkers. If you need added assistance, please see one of the ushers as you enter the Sanctuary.


The nearest restroom to the Sanctuary is located at the top of the stairs across from the elevator door.


Arrive Early
Plan to arrive a few minutes before the service begins so that you have ample time to review the Church Bulletin and enjoy the musical prelude.


The Cub Room or Nursery
Just inside the sanctuary on the left is the "Cub Room". We have a professionally staffed nursery in this room for children ages 1-3.


Friendship Folder
We like to know who attends our services. For this reason we ask that all attending the service write their name, phone number and email address in our friendship folder. If there are multiple family members attending with you please indicate how many are in your party. If you are visiting, please include a complete mailing address. Indicate by placing an "x" or check mark in the appropriate column. If you are a member, attend regularly, wish to join the church, desire a call, new resident or visitor. Write legibly so that we may thank you for joining us. We will not call on you unless you ask us to do so.


Our pastor always preaches interesting, thought-provoking sermons. If children are present in the Sanctuary, they and their parents will be invited to come forward to hear a special children's sermon


The Offering
Passing the offering plate is a practice that dates back to Old Testament times. Giving of one's financial resources is an integral part of a healthy faith life. Your church offering is tax deductible. Consider making your offering by check or automatic withdrawal (See our Administrator for details). Churches often depend entirely upon the money that comes in through congregational offerings. If you are a member, please consider tithing. The term 'tithing' means "one tenth" and refers to the practice of giving ten percent of one's gross income to support the church's work. Everyone, regardless of their age, has something to offer. Teach your children by example. Offerings are not fees or dues given out of obligation. They are gifts of thanksgiving returned to God from the heart.


Holy Communion is a central event in Lutheran worship. You do not need to be a member of this church to participate in Communion. All who confess Jesus as Lord and believe He is present in the giving and receiving of these gifts of grace are welcome to share in the meal. Although children will not participate in the giving and receiving of the bread and the wine, they are invited to come forward to receive a blessing from the Pastor. Follow the directions of the ushers. Communicants will move forward in small groups. Each small group of communicants will wait at the front of the Sanctuary until signaled by an usher it is their time to move to the alter rail.


Sacrament of Communion
Find a space at the alter rail and kneel. To receive the bread extend your hands (palm up). The server will place the bread (a wafer) into your open hands. When the server says, "The body of Christ, given for you," place the bread in your mouth and eat.

To receive the wine, take a filled cup from the tray when it is offered to you. You have a choice: the cups near the outer edge of the plate contain wine; while those near the center of the plate contain grape juice. When the server says, "The blood of Christ, shed for you," drink the contents of the cup and place the empty cup in a holder on the back of the alter rail.

Wait for the Pastor's final blessing before getting up. Then stand slowly to avoid jostling your neighbor. Offer to assist anyone next to you who may need help leaving the alter. If you are handicapped and are unable to take communion at the alter, see the head usher before the service and arrange to have the Pastor serve communion to you at your pew seat. Communion is given the first Sunday of every month and on special festival days.

Pastor Kirk Bridgers

Meet the Pastor
As you leave the Sanctuary take a moment to meet our Pastor, Kirk Bridgers. Introduce yourself. Tell him your full name, where you live and what brought you to church this day. Introduce him to other members of your family who are with you.


Good Christian Fellowship
After every service we gather for a brief time of fellowship and refreshments. Meeting other Christians and building relationships with them is one of the main reasons God wants you to attend church every Sunday.

Members should actively meet, greet and welcome every visitor and newcomer after each service.

Visitors should not be shy or rush out immediately after the service. Take the time to speak to others present. Tell them who you are, where you live, and what brought you here this day. Time spent meeting others at church in good Christian fellowship is time well spent!


Special Seasons
During Advent (beginning the fourth Sunday before Christmas and continuing to Christmas Day) and Lent (forty days leading up to Easter) we have additional services on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 p.m. These services may be proceeded by a special potluck meal celebrated together. See Announcements for details.


Special Services
During Advent (beginning the fourth Sunday before Christmas and continuing to Christmas Day) and Lent (forty days leading up to Easter) we have additional services on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 p.m. These services may be preceded by a special pot-luck meal celebrated together. See Announcements for details.


An Open Invitation
We invite you to visit the church as often as you like. If you are interested in becoming a member of our church, please mention it to the Pastor. Thank you for your interest in Peachtree Road Lutheran Church - Atlanta.

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