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ABOUT US > Our Mission


Our Mission is Simple ...
To Serve Others

We are a community of God's children, moved by the Spirit, who hear and believe the Word of God, and minister in the name of Jesus Christ. We seek to discern God's will and strive to carry out the teachings of Jesus Christ in faith, worship and service.


What Does it Mean to Serve Others?
A popular notion of success in life is being able to afford the luxury of having servants. Jesus turns this thinking on its head by teaching that the highest goal in life is to be a servant. He places such a high value on serving because it is others-centered rather than self-centered. This is the essence of effective Christian living!

When you are connected to Jesus, he turns your simple acts into something profound and purposeful. For example...

  • He turns your simple act of singing into a profound chorus of praise that ministers to an entire congregation.

  • He turns the simple act of placing your tithe in the offering plate into a profound act of mercy that will touch the heart of the needy who share in it's use.

  • He turns your simple act of teaching children in Sunday school into a profound moment in the mind of a child who is just beginning to learn how much he or she is loved by God.

  • He turns your simple act of visiting shut-ins into a divine moment of encouragement.

  • He turns your simple act of hospitality at a church function into a gift of love for others.

  • He turns the moments you take to smile, introduce yourself, and say, "Welcome" to newcomers into acts of acceptance that could change their life.

When you step out to serve, God turns your simple acts of service into profound works for the Kingdom of God.


Are You Ready to Experience Life at the Next Level?
If so, come visit us and discover more ways to serve and love your neighbor.



Peachtree Road Lutheran Church  •  3686 Peachtree Road NE    Atlanta, Georgia 30319